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Ardmore Green is the third book in the Zeke Traynor mystery series and is available on Amazon for your Kindle, as well as in soft cover.

A Missing Girl.  Illegal Drugs.  Murder.

Zeke’s job is to find the girl, his old friend’s niece.  The missing girl is fourteen and she disappeared on the last day of school.  Zeke travels to Ardmore, near Philadelphia, to find her, but while there he becomes involved in a double homicide, an illegal pharmaceutical drug ring, run away teenagers and a family with curious mob connections.  Nothing is as it appears!  Zeke uses his unique skills to identify the killers, but can he stop them before they claim another victim?

Ardmore Green, A Zeke Traynor Mystery is the third in this series of mystery thrillers.  If you like fast-action with plenty of twists and turns, you’ll love the intelligent and tension-filled Zeke Traynor Mysteries.

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Jeff Siebold

Jeff Siebold is an author of mystery stories.  He's presently working on a series of novels featuring Zeke Traynor, an occasional operative who, with his eidetic memory and physical skills makes a serious impact on the bad guys.  

Jeff has had several careers, both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, and he has had the benefit of quite a wide variety of experiences.  He plans to bring the most interesting people, places and events into his writing, to make it fun and interesting to you, his audience.  He hopes you'll enjoy this journey into mystery and adventure. 

Jeff and his family have been fortunate to live on one of North Carolina's barrier islands for the past few years.  And he plans to stay there, and write from that very place.  It's full of lighthouses, ferry boats, pirates...yep, all of that.

Jeff hopes you will stay in touch, and that his literary efforts will find a favorite place on your virtual bookshelf.  Below are some of his favorite literary detectives!

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