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The Wall. A Federal Prison. An Irish Terrorist.

The Mexican Cartel is using mortars to send cocaine over the border wall, and tunnels to bring illegals into the United States. Zeke is called in by the U.S. Border Patrol to help stop both activities. But combating the cartel with their vast resources and their insane leader proves to be no small task. At the same time, four prisoners in a Federal Correctional Institution are murdered and Zeke is hired to find the killer, and the reason for the killings. And, following an IRA terrorist leads Zeke to an international gun running operation. From California to Maryland to Savannah, Zeke must use his talents to stop the killers and find the answers in this latest Zeke Traynor Mystery!

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The sixth Zeke Traynor mystery is getting rave reviews!

"The book was fast paced and had plenty of action. I love all the characters in this book!!"

"This is a fantastic read that grabbed my from the first page to the last. It's a fast paced read with epic scenes."

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