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Dead Girls. Money Laundries. A Boat Bomb.

Zeke’s job is to find the killer. When a Native American girl is murdered on a remote North Dakota reservation, Zeke is called in to assist the FBI in solving the crime. The killing is soon linked to a conspiracy that includes oil, money and power. At the same time, Zeke assists in the effort to shut down a money laundering operation that spins out of control when several key men seemingly commit suicide. And, investigating the accidental deaths of his parents years ago, Zeke discovers evidence that they were actually victims of a bomb blast. From North Dakota to the East Coast to the Florida Keys, Zeke must use all his talent to stop the killers and find the answers in this latest Zeke Traynor Mystery!

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The fifth Zeke Traynor mystery won a National Award! It won as Finalist in the 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, in the category, "Thriller".

"Just when I thought author Jeff Siebold couldn’t top his previous Zeke Traynor mysteries he blows readers away with Bakken Blade." --Reviewer Carol Hoyer

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