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We're delighted to announce that Zeke Traynor's sixth adventure, "The Sienna Sand" is available for $2.99 (Kindle format)!  Early readers are giving it excellent reviews.  Click on the cover, left, to see more about this mystery.  Professional Reviewer, Carol Hoyer said this about it:

"Sienna Sand by Jeff Siebold is an absolutely gripping, powerful, page turning masterpiece which is difficult to put down.  This latest entry in the Zeke Traynor series provides readers with two storylines in one.  The U.S.-Mexico border is the busiest in the world, the longest and most dramatic meeting point of a rich and poor country, and the site of intense confrontation between law enforcement and drug smugglers and illegal immigrants.  Suddenly it seems seems illegal drugs such as cocaine are being mortared over the wall from Mexico.  Stymied and unable to pinpoint the source Mexican authorities request the help of Zeke and Clive Greene, founder of the Agency which handles issues involving federal agencies most of which are law enforcement.

When grizzly, unexplained deaths of four inmates occur inside the Federal Correction Institution of Cumberland, Maryland, Warden Cook summons Zeke to find out how these deaths occurred and where the weapons are coming from.

The author provides a tight plot, a ticking clock, and an unsympathetic hero.  The action is almost non-stop, with nice twists right to the end.  There are also small doses of humor, romance and unsavory characters.  Siebold provides excellent characterization, dialogue and readers will see the storylines are clearly very well researched. 

Sienna Sand is the sixth in the series provided by author Jeff Siebold.  Readers will be thrilled to meet old acquaintances with enough action to keep them on the edge of their seats.  The Zeke Traynor mysteries will keep your appetite wet and wanting more!"

Thank you!  Enjoy the read!     -Jeff Siebold

Jeff Siebold is an author of mystery stories.  He's presently working on a series of novels featuring Zeke Traynor, an occasional operative who, with his eidetic memory and physical skills makes a serious impact on the bad guys.  

Jeff has had several careers, both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, and he has had the benefit of quite a wide variety of experiences.  He plans to bring the most interesting people, places and events into his writing, to make it fun and interesting to you, his audience.  He hopes you'll enjoy this journey into mystery and adventure. 

Jeff and his family have been fortunate to live on one of North Carolina's barrier islands for the past few years.  And he plans to stay there, and write from that very place.  It's full of lighthouses, ferry boats, pirates...yep, all of that.  

Jeff hopes you will stay in touch, and that his literary efforts will find a favorite place on your virtual bookshelf.  Below are some of his favorite literary detectives!

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